Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I really like the games on tonight's lineup so I am going to do something a little different and give a pick for each game but will not be providing a description,

New York Rangers
San Jose

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here are todays picks

I will update my record I promise.

Washington Capitals -1 at 2.15 vs Vancouver Canucks

I look for the Capitals to get a desperate win and Ovechkin will likely see the scoreboard at least a couple times as they cruise past a beat up Canucks team that has not played well either. Ryan Kesler will be a big energy loss and they won't be able to match Washington's on home ice needing a win.

Dallas Stars to win in regulation vs Calgary Flames and Over 5 goals parlay for 2.56 odds

Dallas needs to win this game, plain and simple, if they deserve to be in the playoffs which I believe they do they will win and rather easily I might add, Calgary somehow puts up some goals though and with Thomas as the starter I look for it to easily reach 5 goals and likely cash at 6.

New York Rangers 1.91 at Winnipeg Jets

I am not a huge fan of this pick and I argued for a moment whether to include it or not but here we are taking the Rangers, I think they are the better team, although both goalies can play at a high level I have more faith in Lundquist. As the Rangers search for another win and as Winnipeg continues to struggle I have to lean off Winnipeg even at home.

Value Picks

Edmonton Oilers 2.95 at Detroit Red Wings

Are you kidding me, I know the Oilers are bad but the Red Wings are missing half their roster and I love Edmonton to take a win on the road here. Tonight will prove me right or wrong but I have no clue why the public would jump on Detroit.

Florida Panthers 2.40 vs New Jersey Devils

Luongo vs Schnieder is the bigger headline, both the former Vancouver Canucks are likely glad to be fitting into their new jerseys. I see Luongo proving once again that he is the better goalie and besides that I like Florida's offense compared to New Jersey and getting such a dog at home is a steal, take it.
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I guarantee the pick is worth it as sports interaction has messed up the odds.

Hint: Look at the alternative spreads of the Colorado Avalanche and jump on it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am in a bit of a rush today but made time for the picks.

Here they are

Minnesota Wild 1.91 vs New York Rangers

Both teams have struggled a bit of late and with two fairly even teams and Lundquist will not be starting I will side with the home team to take a close one.

Boston Bruins vs Phoenix Coyotes and Under 5.5 for 1.74

I see the Bruins to continue winning especially back at home but I think coming back from Montreal will result in a defensive game which is exactly the style suited to Mike Smith and the Coyotes and the under is much more valuable than buying the Bruins for 1.51 as in a low scoring game I am not confident enough to pick a side with these two teams playing so well.

Carolina Hurricanes -1 at 1.83 vs Buffalo Sabres

I see Carolina getting another win here at home against a lost Sabres club that will need years before they will compete again. Carolina is not great, but are much better off than Buffalo especially given the home ice advantage. Lets go Canes.

Value Picks

Florida Panthers 3.15 at Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay has just been a mess, and they should get a win tonight, but in a rivalry game the odds have ran with the public and the value is certainly with Florida with five straight losses by Tampa Bay. Maybe the impact of St. Louis leaving was a little more devastating than management thought it would be.

Edmonton Oilers +1.5 at 1.91 at St Louis Blues

The Blues are very good but this is the NHL and any team can win of a given night and to get a chance to lose by a goal for almost even odds is far to good to give up in my mind. St Louis has dominated this series but Edmonton is used to being at the bottom without playoff hope so look for them to compete and upsets like this are just what they want to build on. St Louis in general plays fairly close games while still winning so although I still give the odds to win, I will take the chance plus a goal that it will be more competitive than the public thinks.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nothing to write home about last night as we broke relatively even as the picks went 2-1-0 and the value picks were 0-1-1. Lets try and find some profits tonight so here is what I am looking at for picks.

Record 2-2-1

Boston Bruins 1.74 at Montreal Canadiens 

This always makes for a good match up but on the road or at home Boston is playing much to well to pass up at really great odds in my opinion. I like them on the money line as it could very well be close but I look for the Bruins to once again gain the edge on offense and if that fails, they can always rely on the big edge they have in goal assuming it will be Rask vs Budaj. Go with the Bruins.

Winnipeg Jets 1.71 vs Vancouver Canucks

These teams are both stinking and Vancouver actually looked good... until the third. A seven goal period could very well wake the Canucks up but the Jets are in the same position and Winnipeg is no easy city to play in so ill take Winnipeg at good odds and get the home crowd a much deserved win.

Anaheim Ducks -1 at 1.87 at Calgary Flames

The Ducks are not playing at their best losing their last three games at home but being a good road team as well this should be a great spot for them to get a little pressure off from the home crowd and play a solid game against not only a bad Calgary Flames team but one that is also very banged up. Anaheim should win relatively easy even though Calgary usually does play well at home the Ducks are just much better overall. 

Value Picks

Record 2-1-1

Colorado Avalanche 2.10 vs Chicago Blackhawks

I have three main thoughts into this pick. First is that Colorado has owned Chicago in recent history even while Chicago was playing so hot it was Colorado who would solve them. Secondly I believe that Colorado is currently in a better form than Chicago. Lastly Colorado is at home where they play very well and I am sure they have all been at home waiting for this game. I am definitely siding with Colorado in this one however if you are looking at Chicago take the -1 at 2.65 as they are a 1.77 favourite in the game yet Colorado only pays 2.35 which is a bit odd so jump on that advantage if you take Chicago. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A great night, our picks of the night went 0-1-1 but the value picks went 2-0 cashing at great odds of roughly 3.7 on each ticket with the Islanders scoring 7 goals in the third... I didn't know that was still possible in the NHL and Toronto controlling a lead all game to win 3-1 in Anaheim. Great picks and if you took all four picks you made a nice profit last night.

On to Tonight's Picks         Record  0-1-1

Columbus 1.69 vs Detroit

They got off early last night and as goes for Dallas I am sure they got a wake up call as is human nature when something such as last night happens. I see Columbus taking care of the beat up Red Wings at home and they will lead off with the first goal as they did the night before. Both teams are in the hunt but home ice should be enough of an edge to get the win.

Nashville 1.83 at Buffalo

Odds like this I will fade Buffalo easily, Nashville is by no means great but got back in the win column against Ottawa and had played some difficult close losses prior to that against top teams (St Louis, Pittsburgh). I look for them to come out and finally be on the winning side of one of those low scoring games they have been playing.

New York Rangers 1.71 or -1 at 2.45 at Carolina

This is one of those games. New York is 10-0-0 against Carolina. I am not going against that especially given the positions of these teams. The over is also worth a look a 7-1-2 and pays a very good 2.30 at over 5.5. I am certainly hoping for a 4-2 Rangers victory!

Value Bets            Record 2-0-0

Dallas -1 at 4.00 at St Louis

I am sorry, St Louis is a very good team and not often do I bet against them however Dallas is in need of every win possible and they could come out flying after last night. Lets look for a big outing from the Stars to get a road win knowing their teammate is okay.

Toronto -1 at 4.15 at San Jose

It won't be easy but they played well last night and may have enough in them to get another win to the streak so at such inflated odds I will side with the value of Toronto.

Monday, March 10, 2014

I will keep a weekly record from now on starting every Monday! So lets get off to a great start with todays picks

Tampa Bay -1 vs Phoenix

Look for Stamkos to get back into things and put up a couple points leading Tampa to another important home win.

Los Angeles -1 at Calgary

They stomped on Edmonton last night and although Calgary does win at home LA is playing at the top of their game right now and that is a scary thing, 91 shots the last 2 games. You can also try the under 5 goals as it is 1-8-1 in the last ten however I do caution as LA is scoring and pushed it over last night in Edmonton where they were in a similar situation.

As those are my favourite games to win I am going to give a couple value plays for the night.

I am going to be taking the Islanders at -1 vs the Canucks and Toronto at -1 vs Anaheim. Each is worth around 3.75 which is excellent value. The Islanders still seem to be putting some offense together and with Vancouver having no better luck these days I will glady take a go with the value. As for Toronto this is a bit riskier however the last 4 games Toronto has beat Anaheim by at least two goals and I think they may be desperate enough to pull out the win. J. Bernier is also very comfortable playing in California.